Client Case Study: Reshaping executive bench strength

September 19, 2012 | By | 1 Comment

Background: This high profile Australian organisation had enjoyed 80 years of dominance in the information and advisory sector.  It is a highly technical organisation with internally competitive silos and long tenured executive-level leaders.  With a somewhat risk-averse culture, the organisation traditionally focused on incremental improvement to operational processes rather than strategic level step-change. In early […]

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Tech Talk: ‘Faking Good’

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Individuals have a lot to gain and often much to lose when participating in a selection process.  It comes as no surprise that under such conditions people are highly motivated to do their best.  So much so, that most people will deliberately (and sometimes unconsciously) overstate their strengths and understate their perceived weaknesses.  This tendency […]

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In the news: ‘New wisdom for challenging times’

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Glenn Stevens in a recent Australian Financial Review article said that ‘conventional wisdom is occasionally just wrong.  And someone has to have enough nous, background, judgment and history to say so’1.  The RBA Board, like most strategic-level decision makers, relies heavily on analytical data to make important decisions.  Gut instinct holds little weight when setting […]

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Welcome to Hipotential

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Welcome to our quarterly Newsletter.  Through this forum we hope to provide you with the latest research and advice for selecting high potential leadership talent.  Firstly, a little background on Hipotential. We are in the business of improving your leadership bench strength.  We don’t recruit or deliver leadership training programs.  Instead, we use advanced multi-source […]

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Welcome to Potential

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Our mission is to improve the way we identify and develop leadership talent. This blog has been established to share research findings and practical experiences. We hope this will challenge current thinking and ultimately influence the practice of leadership selection and development.

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Latest Research

Destructive Leaders and Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is estimated to cost Australian organisations between $6 billion and $36 billion annually, while the average workers’ compensation claim is almost $20,000. These figures should disturb most people, but what’s more alarming is the recent finding that bullying can be committed unintentionally by managers reacting to workplace pressure …

High Potential Leaders

Are you selecting average leaders?

What’s more important to know when selecting someone for a demanding leadership role?

What is leadership potential?

Perhaps not surprisingly, academics, practitioners and senior executives have debated this question for over a century. However, a recent study by Dries and Pepermans might finally provide an answer that most can agree with …

Leadership and personality testing

Personality tests have long been used to assess the suitability of candidates for leadership roles. But as practitioners, I often wonder whether we put too much faith in them. Recently I discovered that personality accounts for little more than gender, and far less than education level, when used to predict leadership effectiveness …

The Talent Solutions Group

Research and Advisory

Hipotential was established in 2012 as the research and advisory arm of Talent Solutions International – a leading provider of leadership assessment and development solutions since 2002.