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We have perfected a rigorous, structured and evidence-based process for assessing leadership potential.  Our process combines multiple data collection methods to leverage the specific advantages of each.  This approach guarantees a timely, accurate and objective measure of leadership potential.  Please download an example of our High Potential Indicator (HPI) Report.

Ours is the only integrated measure of potential explaining how individual, team and organisation factors predict leader effectiveness.  Measuring and integrating multiple factors is critical because no one factor alone (e.g., leader behaviour) accounts for overall effectiveness in ambiguous, complex and challenging leadership roles [see our Leader Effectiveness Framework].

Our executive assessment service is a rigorous, fact-based process used to evaluate
leadership talent at the individual and collective levels. We can help support you

  • CEO and senior executive succession
  • Changes to strategic direction
  • Restructures, reorganisations and M&A activity
  • Pre-investment due diligence
  • Talent management
  • Forming, or realigning, leadership teams
  • Critical leader transitions (e.g., technical leader to General Manager)
  • Selecting external or internal leadership candidates



Why Hipotential?

We help you get the right leaders in the right roles where they can add the most value quickly and cost effectively. We can make this promise because:

  1. We take a pragmatic, rigorous and evidence-based approach based on in-depth experience and emerging leadership and neuroscientific research.
    So you get a contemporary, accurate and reliable assessment of leadership potential that can predict executive performance in more challenging roles
  2. We are active ‘research-practitioners’ who can explain how leadership potential works not just describe what it looks like.
    So you get a clear understanding of what attributes are easier or harder to develop and targeted strategies to prepare your leaders for challenging roles quickly and effectively
  3. We integrate data from self-rated, 360 and cognitive assessments as well as semi-structured interviews.
    So your understanding of your leadership bench strength is comprehensive, objective, timely and cost effective
  4. We take an assessment and development approach.
    So you have more options than simply role re-sizing or external search when facing gaps in your leadership bench strength
  5. We are independent advisors – we don’t provide or promote executive search or recruitment services.
    So you get a true assessment of your leadership bench strength and not a shortlist of alternative candidates or poaching of your top talent

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