Women in leadership summit, New Zealand

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Last month I was invited to speak at the Women in Leadership Summit in Wellington, New Zealand.  Theresa Gattung, former CEO Telecom NZ, and other high profile speakers inspired delegates with moving accounts of their personal leadership journeys.  Their experiences strongly resonated with my presentation, in particular the number of women who recalled pushing themselves beyond their comfort zone all the while taking what appeared to be major career and personal risks.

I reflected on these amazing leaders and their examples of both reward motivation and self-discipline.  Each woman separately described overcoming their initial fears and anxieties by focusing on who they wanted to be.  Their sensitivity to reward overcame their sensitivity to threat and provided the motivation to pursue their dreams.  At the same time they applied great focus and self-discipline to overcome various challenges and setbacks along the way.  These highly successful leaders clearly possessed and demonstrated the combined impact of bandwidth and discipline.

Many delegates were intensely interested in these leadership attributes and how neuroscience could explain such success.  My interactive session provided just that by showing how one can both measure and better understand bandwidth and discipline.  Overall it was described by many as the clearest and most informative explanation of neuroscience and leadership they had seen.

Presentation: Women in leadership summit, NZ (May 2013)

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